How to Get Free US Bank Account from Payoneer 2017

Get free USA bank account for non USA residential helps them to get PayPal services where PayPal not offering his services. So in those countries it's little tough to get payment from out of their residential country specially for freelancers.

Ease Class come up for the solution of this. We will help our followers to get their verified account to get international payments.

To get PayPal verified account, move step by step. Its our 3rd step to get verified PayPal account.

Step 1

Signup on Payoneer to get Payoneer Master Card

Step 2

Activate Payoneer Master Card

Step 3

Get free US Bank Account

So let's start Step 3


Login to your Payoneer account


On the menu bar under the Receive Menu option click Global PAYMENT SERVICE


  • You will find your Account Number, Routing Number etc.
  • To send and receive you have to Fill your Questionnaire and Upload your Proof identity.

Enjoy your Free US bank account number. You can use it to send or receive international amounts.