How to install Window on Heir Y11B Prime Minister Laptop (Screen Shot)

Prime Minister of Pakistan has distribute the Haier Y11B notebook in students. The notebook performance is pretty fast and very reliable product. The issue in notebooks are there is no CD/DVD Rom. Due to that problem comes when window corrupted. 

Although Window 8 on this product is so much reliable than free versions available on internet. There is backup installation available in product but when the issue comes for installation of new Window 10 or other then user need media to install.

Ease Class come again with the solution to install new OS on Haier Y11B Prime Minister Laptops. Everybody knows the we can install the window via USB but there are few steps to make installation vai USB on Haier Y11B. Let's Start...

Step 1:

Make USB Bootable with your desired Window

Step 2:

Go to BIOS setup by entering ESC

Step 3:

Go to Boot tab in BIOS setup

Step 4:

Change Boot Option#1 from "[Window Boot Manager (P3: LITEON CS-1SP32)] to "[UEFI: SMI USB DISK 1100, Partition 1]

Step 5:

Go to "Save & Exit" tab and Click on "Save Changes and Exit"

Step 6:
Popup window will come and enter "YES"

Now insert Bootable USB and your notebook will boot via USB and Window installation will start